Ikaros Greek Restaurant

3268 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 899-4400

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Welcome to Ikaros Restaurant in Oakland!

We serve Authentic Family-Style Greek Cuisine from the island of Ikaria, Greece. Located in the Grand Lake district of Oakland we offer dine-in, take-out, and soon, catering and delivery.

Your hosts, Zack & Lavendar would like to welcome you to Ikaros Greek Restaurant and trust that you will enjoy your dining experience. All of the recipes are authentic and made from scratch with only the freshest quality ingredients.

As you look around the dining room, you will see pictures of our beloved island “Ikaria”, Crete and the Acropolis. Ikaria was recently featured on CNN’s blue zone series. It was noted in particular for the Ikarian people’s diet, life style and their healthy longevity. Many of our recipes are cooked duplicating the islands’ foods, fresh herbs & spices. We called the restaurant “Ikaros” because (going back to mythology) it was Ikaria that Ikaros, the son of Dedalos, fell on when he flew too close to the sun with his wings made of wax as he fled Crete & King Minos who had imprisoned him & his father for life to prevent them from duplicating Knossos Palace. Enjoy!!

Looking for Catering? Click on our Catering Menu to order or call us at (510) 899-4400 to speak with us. We will try to work with your budget and event!
As of 2/1/2013


House Wines

Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot
Glass 6 | Half Kilo 14 | Kilo 18


Tsantail, Retsina, Greece
Glass: 7 | Bottle: 26

Kourtaki, Retsina of Attica, Greece
Glass: 7.5 | Bottle: 27

Atlantis, Santorini, Greece
Glass: 9 | Bottle: 36

Avantis, Malagouzia, Greece
Glass: 10 | Bottle: 35

Agioritikos, Tsantail, Greece
Glass: 11 | Bottle 40


Mythic River Nemea, Estate Constantin Gofas, Greece
Glass: 8.5 | Bottle: 32

Atlantis Santorini, Argyros, Greece
Glass: 10 | Bottle: 39

Diktalos, Agioritikos, Greece
Glass: 10.5 | Bottle: 40

Achais, Cabernet Red Blend, Greece
Glass: 9 | Bottle: 35

Paros Reserve, Moraitis, Greece
Glass: 9 | Bottle: 35

Greek Beers
Mythos, Zeos, Zeos Black, Aris, Fix or Vergina
Bottle: 5

Pint: 4.75 | Pitcher 15



Stella, Pinot Grigio, Italy
Glass: 7 | Bottle: 26

Firestone, Riesling, Central Coast
Glass: 7 | Bottle: 26

Raimat, Albarino, Spain
Glass: 7.5 |  Bottle: 27

Menage a Trois, Chardonnay, CA
Glass: 7.5 | Bottle: 27

St. Supery, Savignon Blanc, Napa
Glass: 8.5 | Bottle: 30

Artesa, Chardonnay, Carneros
Glass: 10 | Bottle: 38

Aquinas, Chardonnay, Napa
Glasss: 11 | Bottle: 40


Menage a Trois, Red Blend, California
Glass: 7.5 | Bottle: 28

Main Street, Merlot, Monterey
Glass: 7.5 | Bottle: 28

Castle Rock, Pinot Noir, Columbia Valley, WA
Glass: 7.5 | Bottle: 28
As reprinted from the Michelin Guide 2013:


While there are no white, sandy beaches here, the soothing Grecian vibe, Greek patrons, and scrumptious bites will take you at least part of the way to the Greek Isles. Inside, Mediterranean blues and whites color the high-arched ceiling, where a long skylight evokes that sublime island feel; framed photos of the coast, white stone sculptures, and Greek music seal the deal.

Sit down to an order of tangy dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), packed with rice and fresh herbs, served with a thick yogurt sauce. Next sink your teeth into a gyros stacker—chunks of seasoned lamb and chicken, served with pita, thick steak fries, sliced red onion, tomato, and tzatziki. The classic spanakopita filled with spinach, dill, and feta, is crispy and delicious.
Ikaro's Restaurant
Ikaro's Restaurant
Ikaro's Restaurant